Payment Options

We offer a range of payment options including NHS, private, and Denplan. For extensive treatment plans, a finance option can be discussed and arranged.

Private Patients

Our private patients can choose how they would like to pay for their dental care. Some prefer to pay as they go, but most are members of our Denplan scheme. This gives you the benefit of regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments each year, plus worldwide, 24-hour emergency care, all for a low monthly payment.

NHS Patients

For NHS patients, although we are entitled to ask for full payment at the beginning of your treatment, we think it is fairer to ask for a small deposit when your treatment starts and to then pay for further treatment on the day it is carried out. Some NHS patients are entitled to either full or partial exemption from charges; if you think you may qualify for this, please ask for more information. The general fees are:

NHS Patients

  • NHS Band One £25.80

  • NHS Band Two £70.70

  • NHS Band Three £306.80

  • NHS Band Urgent £25.80

Fee Guide


TreatmentPrivate Patient

Denplan Patient

New Patient Consultation

Routine Examination£44Included
Hygienist Appointment

From £75


Amalgam Fillings

From £100


Tooth-Coloured Fillings

From £125


Root Fillings

From £400



From £625

Laboratory Fee From £150


From £650

Laboratory Fee From £150


From £110


Teeth Whitening

From £200

From £200


From £2,500

From £2,500


From £200

From £200

Emergency/ Out-of-Hours Appointment

From £200

From £200

Dentures (Partial Upper or Lower)From £650Laboratory Fee From £225
Dentures (Full Upper or Lower)From £650Laboratory Fee From £225
Dentures (Chrome Partial)From £1,100Laboratory Fee From £375

Denplan Monthly Fees

Denplan Monthly Fees

  • Band A - £21.57

  • Band B - £30.57

  • Band C - £35.57

  • Band D - £40.57

  • Band E - £45.59

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